Luxury Honeymoon in Como Cocoa Island

como cocoa island night view

Como Cocoa Island is situated on the private shores of Kaafu Island in South Malé Atoll, which measures a humble size of 360m by 170m. The impression of it was it being a sanctuary surrounded by lush greens and which is filled with unexplored diversity, coral reefs and white sand beaches. This Island has some of the shallowest lagoon in the Maldives and is known for their Shambhala cuisine, an Asian-inspired cuisine where they serve only organic food and blend Indian and Sri Lankan traditions in them. Walking on the small island of Cocoa Island is a good activity because one can see baby sharks, mantas and of course fishes. The island is so small that it barely took 15 minutes to finish a round. The sea is unique with a tessellation of green, light blue and dark blue which fascinated and attracts the travelers to the place. Snorkeling, Standup paddling, Kayaking are some of the interesting activity can be done in COCOA Island. This island is best suited for a luxurious Honeymoon.

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