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Our Company enjoys enormous broadening our hands for finishing your ever imagined Maldives visit with excellent administrations and unobtrusive method for client dealings. We take pride in picking up your trust and abutment along our endeavor and our expertise in handling a trustful connection with our clients have dependably been effective and in future as well, we will proceed with our trip by offering secure and convenient modes of travel for our eager clients. Preceding the trip, we put forward a few terms and conditions before you to guarantee a transpicuous and authentic deal and by filling the consent form, in this way consenting our conditions, our administrations are bound by an agreement. The points of interest of Reservation/Amendment/Cancellation of a trip is particularly specified in our Reservation arrangement. On the off chance that you are happy with the accompanying terms and conditions, do fill the individual information frame which will be thus turn back to you with our affirmation email.


  • As a devoted Travel specialist, we are glad to furnish our clients with administrations for travel needs including best airlines, accommodations and cruises.
  • We are here to guarantee travel appointments for your benefit and include in guaranteeing applicable concurrences with our clients and the service providers.
  • We have allocated the costs of services like vehicles, ferry tickets, voyage charges, rates consulted with lodgings figured based on current pricing and if in case of an expansion in these previously mentioned rates and in Government additional charge or fuel charges, the expanded sum will be imposed from the client itself.
  • In the event that you have gotten any administration with some other service provider, and on the off chance that, they have neglected to offer you the administration for any reason, at that point Maldives Waves won't assume any responsibility and that service provider will be responsible and legitimate plan of action must be moved against them.
  • We will organize alternate arrangement for your safe excursion if there should be an occurrence of vehicle breakdown yet the time defer caused won't be compensated.
  • We won't assume the responsibility of variations or delays in the arranged programs or occasions happened because of a few components accidents, flight cancellation, natural hazards, weather, breakdown, sickness, political closures or any other unexpected reasons. Assuming this is the case, the additional sum will be levied from the client.
  • We will book your accommodation in a hotel as per your needs and will try to confirm the check-in in that particular hotel itself but in case we find any difficulty in dealing with the hotel management or on the basis of our regular feedback program, we are forced to withdraw the contract, then we reserve the right to change your stay to a hotel with similar category. This will be duly intimated to you and we will not be done without disclosing it to you.
  • While you travel, it is the duty of every vacationer to convey your substantial travel records or statutory clearances including visas, passports, insurance, confirmed air/rail tickets, medical insurance certificates, and convey reports with the ownership of which will empower you to movement on a visit.
  • There are chances of arising any type of dissatisfaction or complaints which must be immediately brought to the notice of your concerned tour representative and we will try to resolve it if it is within our limitation or constraints but the complaints will not be dealt at the commencement of using the services or after utilizing the services.
  • No refund will be engaged in the event that you have done money installments to a specialist or individual for any reason without out our composed assent.

Wish you happy and memorable holidays

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Maldives Waves


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