Things to carry on travelling to Maldives

  • Travel documents: All the required travel documents which include a valid passport, Visa and national identity card must be carefully carried when travelling to the destination.

  • Sunscreen: The travellers visiting the Islands have to carry sunscreens for protection from skin problems. The tourists can avoid tanning by carrying an SPF of 50 as it provides complete protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The tropical climate of the Islands The travellers do not need to think about sun-related health problems on using a sunscreen lotion

  • Swimsuit: The backpackers would definitely spend time at the sandy shores and take a dip in the beaches due to which it is advised to carry swimsuits. One can also feel comfortable in wearing his or her own swimsuit while indulging in the water activities. It is also better to wear cotton clothes when travelling to the destination.

  • Bath Towels: Fast drying cotton bath towels are a must take as the travellers planning to take a dip in the waters can pat dry themselves before falling into the sandy shores .

  • Insect repellent cream: Various types of insects reside at the tropical Islands due to which it is mandatory to take insect repellent creams to avoid being stung by them.

  • Beach mat: If sun basking is on cards when at the beaches, the travellers are advised to carry beach mats or hammocks on which they can lay down to enjoy the shining sun.

  • Medication: Basic medicines like sunburn creams and should be carried to the place as it may help during emergency situations. One can also take precautionary measures from catching a fever or cold after spending time at the beach

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