How to plan Maldives Honeymoon Trip

How to plan your Trip to Maldives?

Maldives being the beautiful coral island on the shores of the Indian ocean is a peerless spot to explore. The greatest honeymoon hub and an exciting family trip location for adventurous lovers. Our customized and affordable tour packages provide the best holiday moments during the trip. Relax and be cool we are here to help you with all the information on how to plan your trip to the Maldives? Take a look at it

Major attractions of the Maldives

The must visit tourist destinations in Maldives include :


Como Cocoa Island is the lovely private Maldives island resort and is one of the most sought-after places in the island country of Maldives. The island has around 33 Stunning water villas and an exceptional house reef.


The high rated and luxurious island, Baros is a serene land far away from the crowd. The sun-kissed beaches and beautiful corals attract tourist around the world to bars.


Emboodhu Finolhu Island houses the luxurious Taj Exotica Resort with 55 water villas and a revitalizing spa. The beautiful water villas are arranged in the shape of a flower bud.


The family-oriented resort island houses luxury amenities for the family and special delicacies for little ones. while the parents go for a spa, the children can spend time in the Kids Club.swimming pool, tennis courts, billiards and beach volleyball activities are available in Huvahendhoo Island, Lily Beach Resort and Spa.


The exploring capital of Malé is brilliant with lit buildings, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions.The protected ocean pool, Artificial Beach and underwater scooter riding and snorkelling activities are major attractions in the capital.The places like Tsunami Monument, Grand Friday Mosque, Malé Fish Market, Sultan Mosque and Malé National Museum are fascinating spots for every traveller.


Tsunami Monument is a beautiful structure located on the coastline of Malé, on the Boduthakurufaanu Magu to memorialize those who lost their lives in a devastating natural calamity in 2004.


Grand Friday Mosque is the largest mosque in the Maldives with an impressive modern structure and white elegant marbles.

To Do activities in Maldives

  • Snorkelling at every Maldivian resort offers snorkelling adventure: both swimmers and non-swimmers are allowed to do Snorkelling
  • Scuba Diving is the chance to explore the underwater world and you didn't have to know swimming to do Scuba Diving
  • Whale submarine activity gives the luck to cruise through an underwater garden filled with tropical fish.
  • Kayaking is for sure a fun and rejuvenating activity to take up on your trip to Maldives. Spending your day kayaking in the islands is the best way to enjoy in Maldives.
  • Banana boat ride,the inflatable banana shaped tubes at high speed and heavy waves will provide an enthralling boat ride.
  • In the surface water sport of kite surfing, the riders uses wind power to pull through water on a kiteboard or surfboard surrounded by the vast sandy, beaches and a crystal clear lagoon of the ocean.
  • The exquisite activity of Parasailing gives an outstanding visual experience of viewing the lush green islands scattered in crystal clear blue ocean.

How many days to spend in Maldives?

To discover the real maldives with gorgeous turquoise lagoons and powdery white sand we prefer you spend at least 5 days in this paradise. We provide tailor-made tour packages for the travellers depending on the requirement. Some of such packages with customised destinations are listed below.

  • Maldives tour packages for 3 Days - With the 3-day Maldives tour package you could explore the unique attractions of the places like Taj Exotica Island and Resort, Meeru island resort, and Como Cocoa island
  • Maldives honeymoon packages for 4 Days - This 4-day tour package includes a stay of 3 Night and 4 Days where you can cover almost every destination in Maldives which includes Mihiri islands and Lily Resort spa, Huvahendhoo Island.
  • Maldives tour packages for 5 days - 5-day tour package to maldives Island includes a stay of 4 nights and 5 days. The best destinations that could be included in a customised package of 5 days are paradise Island, kuda huraa Island, and Adaaran prestige Island.
  • Maldives tour packages for 6 days - This 6-day tour package includes a stay of 5 night and 6 days in which travellers could spend a decent vacationing the island without much hurry. The destinations that could be included in the package are sun Island and Ukulhas Inn Island
  • Maldives tour packages for 7 days - This 7-day tour package includes a stay of 6 night and 7 days, which is one of the best where travellers could experience the flavours of the land to the best. This package could completely cover destinations like Biyadhoo Island, Malé Island and Baros Island.

The climate of Maldives

The Maldives has a humid tropical climate, all year round and influenced by all the monsoons. The south-west monsoon, from late April to September, is stronger in the northern islands and is by the wind, which can make the sea rough and therefore may discourage activities such as diving, and is also accompanied by higher humidity and more frequent cloudiness. The northeast monsoon, from October to December, it's quieter and simply brings showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening, especially in the southern atolls.

The driest period, outside the monsoons, runs from January to April and is felt more in the northern atolls.

The temperatures are stable in the island and its highs are around 30 °C (86 °F) and lows around 25 °C (77 °F) for most of the year. Relative humidity is high and stable throughout the year as well, around 80%. However, between February and May, there is a slight increase in temperature, and even in the feeling of sultriness, especially in the northern atolls, given that in this period the maximum temperature rises to 31/32 °C (88/90 °F), and the minimum temperature to 26/27 °C (79/81 °F).

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