Places to visit in Malé

Malé city view

Malé being the lovely capital city of Maldives is enriched with brightly coloured buildings fringed by turquoise water enabling every traveller to explore the raw side of Maldives, away from the resort buffet and infinity pool. The atoll entices backpackers with its rich and vast underwater treasures making it one of the best Maldives tourist attractions. It is a hub of thousands of nonchaotic activities with well-urbanized streets, including local markets like Chaandanee Magu, a perfect spot for souvenirs offering all Maldivian flavours.

This lively street market spans from a whole length of east to west of the island would be a splendid shopping experience for holiday lovers. The enormous varieties of garments along with all kinds of textiles and clothing materials, elegant bag and watch collections diverse range of cosmetics and accessories makes Majeedhee Magu an unrivalled land for fashion addicts that includes all traditional Maldivian products.

One of the most historical mosques in the world lies in the Malé. Hukuru Miskiy or old Friday mosque, the ancient pilgrimage spot of the country is a beautiful devotional centre originally constructed in 1658 under the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I within a span of 2 year time.T his fascinating place is made of elegant coral stone engraved with the Quranic script and chiseled intricate decoration and elaborate wooden carvings. The long wooden panel, carved in the 13th century, tends to be the indication of the introduction of Islam to the Maldives. On the one side of the mosque is a cemetery with elaborately carved tombstones. travellers would love to visit this renowned tourist place which is included in Unesco tentative world heritage list. The ministry of Islamic affairs gives permission to non-Muslims wishing to enter the mosque upon request.

On the southeastern shore of the city of Malé near to Boduthakurufaanu Magu lies the tsunami monument builds in memory of thousands of people who give up their lives in 2004 tsunami waves originated from Aceh, Indonesia. The unique and flawless architectural design of the monument is ringed by the sound waves of the sea is one of the ideal spots for surfing in the city .the monument carries vertical iron rods in its core each one symbolizing a lost life of the calamity with the name of the person engraved in it and steel balls symbolizing  twenty atolls of the country. Along with all these attractions this grid patterned fabulous town has a beautiful public park named sultan  park built on the southernmost corner of the demolished Royal Palace and is enriched with green shaded trees and fresh air.

As being one among the smallest national capitals of the world this island is the backbone of Maldives economy and is a living example of the countries decades of political struggles. As it is the financial and commercial capital of the country is the centre for the legislature and judicial branches of the government of the Maldives and awaits every traveller with a bunch of adventurous and historical places.W ith all marvellous attractions Malé islands is an ideal spot and an incredible gateway to the Maldives. 

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