Rainbow Reef in Maldives

coral in hp reef

As the name suggests this soft coral capital of the world is abundant with its brilliantly textured HP Reef, or ‘Girifushi Thila`. Being a protected marine area hp reef has outstanding corals with rich flow of nutrients surrounded by Somosomo Strait and the island of Taveuni fringed by its strong yet serene sea currents. The atoll which is sandwiched between two outer islands is an amazing dive site and a peerless spot for Maldives tourism sector. Most of the reef is thoroughly covered in yellow, blue and orange soft hanging corals and is protected with overhangs and crevices rising from 30 meters below the sea to ten above the top sea level.

The island is way beyond a stunning paradise with its splendid variety of small reef fish and substantial pelagic species including eagle rays, tunas, barracudas and gray reed sharks. The spectacular caves and incredibly fascinating heavy boulders enhances the eye and mind of every traveler. This south pacific reef is indeed the worlds famous Rainbow Reef and its great white wall is included in the "Top 10 Dive Locations in the World" by U.S. Divers magazine.

HP Reef is located between Girifushi and Himmafushi, you can get there by speedboat about 10 - 15 minutes The Rainbow Reef is a glorious area for snorkeling, diving and kayaking is a colourful place inhabited by thousands of species of captivating fish and rock formations, boulders, ledges, rifts, blocks, boulders, ledges, rifts, and a dazzling cave and a 25m vertical, swim-through chimney and is protected by marine reef and dogtooth tunas. Rainbow Reef with a profusion of diverse kaleidoscopic colors provides you the thrill of underwater exploration, stunning diving spots, and remarkable gorgonians or sea whips.

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