Romantic Honeymoon in Taj Exotica Resort

taj exotica maldives

Spread amid the largest lagoons of Maldives, distinct from the lights and bights of male Emboodhu Finolhu Island with its luxurious Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is close to the three coconut isle and amidst the coral reefs. This special oasis of serene ambiance lying over the blue waters of Indian Ocean is luxurious with its 64 sea view villas and suites and the award-winning presidential suite which is world famous.

Renowned for its rich flora and fauna, this lovely place on earth is just 15-minute speedboat ride from the Malé international airport .airport brings you to the idyllic resort surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean maintains a fine balance with nature. For every backpacker Travelling in many ways is a form of intoxication and every moment you spend at Taj gives you everlasting memories. Travelers can enjoy the bliss of wildlife-spotting walk and surrender them self around the lavish infinity pool surrounded by azure water .the magical restaurants please everyone's taste buds with its delicious and fresh seafood varieties along with offering a splendid and unbelievable romantic ocean experience. The blistering sunsets of Indian Ocean mingle with every cocktail served at the luxurious equator bar .pampered hospitality of the resort team spectacular rooms and personal dining experiences would be a lovely experience for the travelers.

Emboodhu Finolhu Island being one of the best attractions of Maldives tourism welcomes new explorers to its tranquil environment to create lifetime memories within a short duration of time. You would definitely enjoy a romantic Honeymoon in Taj Exotica.

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