Dolphin and Whale Spotting

dolphin near taj maldives

Maldives is home to an abundant rich of whale and dolphin fauna. A great diversity of 23 species of whales and dolphins are found in the underwater world of Maldives. Ranging from the mighty Blue Whale (the largest animal alive) to the tiny but highly spectacular Spinner Dolphin. Spinner Dolphins being the commonest species among them occur in their tens of thousands. The whale varieties have a regular daily routine of their lives,visiting the atolls in the early morning, offshore feeding at night, and leaving again for the open ocean diving in the late afternoon. It is very easy to find Spinner Dolphins at certain times every day depending on this punctual schedule they follow. As a result of this, Maldivian resorts offer dolphin spotting excursions in morning or afternoon times. Species that are commonly seen on special whale watching safaris include the Blue Whale, Sperm Whale and Pilot Whale as well Spinner, Bottlenose, Risso's, Spotted, Striped, Fraser's and Rough-toothed type of whales.

The travellers can have an enlightened vision of Maldivian specialities, which are frequently seen here but hardly ever anywhere else, include Dwarf Sperm Whale, Melon-headed Whale and Tropical Bottlenose Whale. The travellers will never have a better chance to watch wild dolphins dancing in their natural environment than at this underworld paradise of Maldives.

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